Previous menus

4/8 Steakhouse dinner for 7, (family style) Chelsea

- Stuffed mushroom caps
- Tomato basil tea sandwich
- Crab, avocado, asian pear, celery, umami mayo tea sandwich
- Prime Porterhouse
- Foie gras mousse
- Truffle butter
- Blistered blue fingerlings
- Roasted aromatics
- Wilted spinach
- Haricot verts and almonds
- Hazelnut chocolate soufflé, strawberry compote, macerated strawberries

3/6  7-course plated dinner for 20, Upper East Side

Hors D'ouvres
-       Blini, mushroom ragout, truffle honey
-       Sauteed bay scallops, coconut water espuma, red pepper threads
-       Crab salad, wasabi aioli, pink peppercorn umami taco shell

-       Sesame crusted tuna mini skewer, miso dipping sauce
-       Butternut squash and sage soup

-       Bourbon glazed duck breast, parsnip puree, caramelized fennel

-       Hazelnut chocolate souffle, hazelnut brittle, spiked creme anglaise.

3/3 intimate dinner for 4 in Chelsea

-       Polenta blini, mushroom ragout
-       Brandade crostini

-       Miso glazed chicken, roasted blue potatoes
-       Salt baked tilapia, kalamata olive oil, garlic wilted spinach

- Chocolate cigarettes, raspberry sorbet

2/22 intimate dinner for 2 in Chelsea

-       Stuffed mushrooms
-       Salad of marinated green squash with fresh ricotta

-       Sauteed skate wing, Brussel sprouts, warm lemon vinaigrette

-       Chocolate souffle, frozen vanilla yogurt

2/10 Chelsea, 6 guests

Hors D’ouvres
-       Artichokes, tangerine vinaigrette.
-       Stuffed Crimini, duxelle aux champignons

-       Caesar salad

-       Fresh rolled mushroom ravioli, fresh ricotta.
-       Salt baked Red Snapper, turnip-ginger puree, roasted blue potatoes

-       Maple creme brulee, candied marcona almonds, almond mousse

1/28 Chelsea, 11 guests
Hors D’ouvres

-       Artichokes au blanc, carrot-ginger vinaigrette
-       Roasted purple majesty potatoes

-       Sesame crusted tuna, fresh Wasabi Aioli, wilted spinach and pine nuts, pickled carrots

-       Rack of lamb, harissa demi-glace, cous cous, almonds, dried cranberries, pomegranate, mint
-      Sauteed Branzino, warm meyer lemon vinaigrette, garlic confit glazed ozette fingerling potatoes

-       Peanut butter chocolate souffle, candied frozen grapes

1/14 Chelsea, 10 guests

Hors D’ouvres
-       Butternut squash, blue potato chip tea sandwich
-       Crab meat, balsamic mayo tea sandwich
-       Pickled beet, goat cheese tea sandwich

-       Goat cheese fried olives
-       Crimini stuffed with mushroom duxelle, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato
-       Home brined artichokes

-       Broiled halibut, parsnip puree, kumquat salad, sherry vinaigrette
-       Fresh rolled wild mushroom raviolis, truffle butter
-       Tasting of Wagyu beef
-       Dry aged strip steak, sauce choron, baby carrots and turnips

-       Pain perdu, nutella mascarpone coulis, blis maple syrup

1/7 in Chelsea, 9 guests

Hors D’ouvres
-       Lobster claw and umami mayo tea sandwich
-       Home-cured Duck prosciutto and cherry preserves tea sandwich
-       Tomato and basil compote tea sandwich

-       Artichokes barigoule, duck prosciutto, cuisson
-       Antipasto skewers (boccatini, grape tomatoes, roasted pepper)

-       Maple glazed Duck breast, salsify chips, sofrito wilted mustard greens
-       Cavatelli, butternut squash, sage, garlic
-       Butter poached lobster tail, oyster vinaigrette, enoki-chervil salad, textures of parsnip (crispy and puree scented w/ tarragon)

-       Bitter greens, pear-balsamic sorbet, aged manchego

-       Giandiua (hazelnut chocolate) soufflé, hazelnut brittle, Disaronno amaretto-spiked crème anglaise

12/17 in Chelsea, 8 guests

Hors D’ourvres
-       Bruschetta on crostini

-       Lamb chops, broccoli rabe, tomato aioli
-       Stuffed mushroom caps
-       Artichokes, yuzu-miso vinaigrette

-       Poached sea bass, crispy skin, herbed broth, scallions
-       Dry aged strip, seared porcini, duck fat roasted Yukon gold potatoes, Sauce bordelaise

-       Grilled pineapple (macerated in rum and maple syrup), cardamom whipped cream, pomegranate seeds

12/5 Cocktail party, 40 People, Brooklyn Loft

Hors D’ouvres
-         Prosciutto wrapped figs
-         Pumpkin Blini, duck confit, truffle honey, microgreens
-         Stuffed mushroom caps
-         Bratwurst croquettes, caraway dust, horseradish cream
-         Berkshire pork belly confit, homemade sherry sauerkraut, parsley chip
-         Roasted chicken, blue potato, Aigre-doux chutney, chervil
-         Pumpkin chocolate truffle
-         Fresh ricotta, meyer lemon confit, new york honey